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Courthouse in Ely NevadaNevada is centrally located in the Mountain West. Nevada covers over 110,000 square miles much of it in the Great Basin, As of the 2010 census Nevada has a population of just over 2.7 million people with almost two-thirds of that falling within Clark County and the Las Vegas metropolitan area. The name, Nevada, derives from the Spanish, "snow capped mountains" which refers to the snow fields found on the Sierra Nevada mountain Range and the late summer snows found on the mountains of Nevada's Great Basin interior.

Nevada is bordered by Utah and Arizona on the east, California on the west and Oregon and Idaho to the north. Nevada's central location has the state sharing several geographic zones with surrounding states reflecting the states geological and biological diversity. In the central part of the state is the Great Basin. In the southern part of Nevada is the Mojave Desert. For a land bound state Nevada has a considerable range of elevations from 13,147 feet at Boundary Peak to 479 feet feet by the Colorado River near Laughlin.

Nevada Hotels
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Nevada's economy is currently based on mining, ranching and most importantly tourism. In the past mining was Nevada's principal economic activity especially when the state was admitted to the Union on October 31, 1864. In the late 19th Century and early 20th Century, Nevada went through several boom and bust cycles fueled by new mines opening and then closing when the ore ran out. This left many Ghost Towns that were abandoned and several that were not completely abandoned such as Virginia City and Goldfield.

This pattern, in a some ways continues today. The impact of the Great Recession on the construction industry has caused the demand for drywall to drop significantly. This caused dry wall manufacturer USG to close its plant in Empire Nevada. By June 2011 the town of Empire was completely abandoned making it the latest ghost town in Nevada.
Nevada Cities:
Ely Nevada
Las Vegas

Nevada Parks:
The Great Basin National Park
Lake Mead
Hoover Dam
Desert National Wildlife Refuge
Ward Charcoal Ovens
White River Narrows
Valley of Fire
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Primm is located just 45 miles south of Las Vegas on the California-Nevada border. Known for its friendly atmosphere Primm is a favorite both locals and visitors. Some of the best hotel room values in Nevada can be found in Primm!
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Laughlin Hotels
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The hotels on the lower Colorado are a destination for 'snow birds' and boating enthusiasts. 
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