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Zion Shuttle The shuttle system at Zion is a must and is one of the best that I have seen anywhere.

The shuttle is really the only way to see Zion. A round trip on it from the Visitor Center takes you along the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. This trip takes a minimum of 90 minutes. The shuttle schedule is different for the summer and the spring and fall seasons to accommodate the difference in daylight during those seasons. There is no shuttle in the winter. 

In the summer, during the middle of the day, the shuttles runs an average of 6 minutes apart. This is phenomenal. It allows you to get off at each of the 8 shuttle stops on the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive, take a few photos, and be on the next shuttle. For more information about the Zion National Park shuttle schedule for this year >click here<.

The Zion Canyon Scenic Drive also has several outstanding trails. 



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