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Pennsylvania also known as the Keystone State covers an area of just over 46,000 square miles and has a population of almost 13 million people. Pennsylvania is bordered on the east by New Jersey, on the east and north by New York, on the west by Ohio and on the south by Delaware, West Virginia and Maryland.

Hotels in Pennsylvania: The Euro-American history of Pennsylvania officially begins in 1631 when the Dutch established a settlement at what is present day Lewes Delaware. The Dutch and the British claimed lands along both sides of the Delaware River. After a war with the Netherlands that ended in 1667 the British took over the territory of the New Netherlands which included parts of Pennsylvania.

Another war between Britain and the Dutch reverted the territory back to the Dutch. Finally in 1674 the area return to British rule when the Third Anglo-Dutch war ended.

In order to repay a debt owed to his family, Charles II granted William Penn a land charter that included much of what is now Pennsylvania. Penn, a Quaker, instituted a policy of freedom of religion in his colony, a first for the British colonies and copied widely.

Pennsylvania's impact on American history continued through the 18 century. The First and Second Continental Congresses were held in Philadelphia. 
The Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation were drawn up and signed in Philadelphia. Beyond Colonial times Pennsylvania was the site of Civil War battles the most famous of which is Gettysburg.

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