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Glacier NP EntranceGlacier National Park is located in the northwest section of Montana. The park encompasses just over 1 million acres. Glacier National Park is famous for its scenic vistas of the Rocky Mountains, lakes, rivers and glaciers. With over 700 miles of trails Glacier National Park is a great destination for hikers. The scenic beauty, hiking and camping opportunities draw over 2 million visitors to the park each year. Surprisingly, despite it northern location, Glacier National Park is open year round.

Glacier National Park owes its existence as a park in part to railroad operators such as Louis Hill (from Minnesota), president of the Great Northern Railway, who wanted to increase passenger traffic on his railway by promoting tourism to places such as Glacier. Under Hill's direction several Swiss chalet type villas and lodges were built to house and attract tourists. Similar strategies were implemented in places like the Grand Canyon and throughout the west.

When one thinks of Glacier National Park, glaciers immediately come to mind. With onset of climate change to glaciers have been receding for a number of years. The park got its name not only from the glaciers however but also from the valleys and shapes of the mountains that were carved by the glaciers. Thus, if or once, the glaciers completely recede, the park will not change its name.
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