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The population statistics of Las Vegas reflect many factors and trends in the US. First Las Vegas reflects many metropolitan areas in that was is called Las Vegas, for example the Las Vegas Strip, is not officially a part of Las Vegas. There are many smaller municipalities such as Paradise, Spring Valley and Sunrise Manor, that comprise the place called Las Vegas.

Second, the rapid population growth of Las Vegas in the latter half of the 20th Century reflects the population shift of the United States from colder, industrial places, to what is called by some, the Sunbelt and an influx of immigrants from Latin America and other places. This included rust-belt economic refugees, retirees seeking good weather and favorable cost of living circumstances and Hispanic and Asian groups.

The population statistics for Las Vegas also seem to reflect the boom-and-bust cycle common to many Western cities during the 19th Century. Las Vegas has been unable to escape the affects of the downturn in the national economy. Once considered immune to recessions Las Vegas, at the end of the first decade of the 21st Century (and beyond), has one of the highest unemployment rates of a major metropolitan area in the United States. This has affected population growth and what many consider to be a decline in population.
Metropolitan Area Population:
1998 2003 2010
 1,255,200 1,620,748 1,951269
The metropolitan area:
Major Municipalities
1998 2003 2010
Las Vegas (LVM) 441,230 528,617 583,756
North Las Vegas (LVM) 106,660 146,005 216,961
Henderson (LVM) 159,380 217,448 257,729
Boulder City 14,900 14,934 15,023
Clark County - Las Vegas Metro (LVM)
Paradise (LVM) 165,830 185,304 223,167
Sunrise Manor (LVM) 149,180 181,354 189,372
Spring Valley (LVM) 108,180 150,402 178,395
Winchester (LVM) 30,590 34,378 27,978
Enterprise (LVM) 13,340 62.001 108,481
Laughlin 7,870 6,952 7,323
Moapa 600 1,364 1,025
Moapa Valley 5,430 6,323 6,924
Mesquite 12,200 13,895 15,276
Source: State of Nevada, Demographer's Office
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