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Pet Friendly Kansas Hotels
The term pet friendly is a relative one because it covers situations that range from pets staying for free to a $50 per pet nightly rate. The latter situation might not be considered that friendly after all. The term pets allowed is more appropriate but still fails to communicate situations where the hotels policy states "no cats". We have never seen a "no iguanas" policy, so bring your iguanas because hotel pet policies tend to focus on cats and dogs. Local and Federal regulations make it illegal to prohibit seeing eye dogs however.

The rap against pets, as I have been told by the shift manager at a hotel in Las Vegas is that they can infest a room with fleas! Pet hair is another problem. It seems that pet hair is difficult to remove from carpet and furniture. A problem that cats may cause is cat spray from male cats that have not been neutered. This problem became evident once when we were staying at a hotel that smelled strongly of cat spray. Thus the rational for a no cats policy.

This list may not be inclusive because it includes only the places that state they allow pets. Some places may allow pets but do not say so. Some places will cancel or change their pets allowed policies without notice so be careful.

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