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Inscriptions And Dedications
Hoover Dam is itself a monument and a dedication to the people who built it. To imagine that once there was absolutely nothing here is very difficult considering what is here now. There are no traces of the high scalers or any of the concrete processing plants and trucks in the area. What is left is Hoover Dam and these inscriptions.
The inscriptions, dedications and plaques that are found at Hoover Dam are contemporary Hoover Dam dedicationwith the building of the dam. As such they are the thoughts of the people who were here to see it when it was first built.

It is clear that the people who saw this and who built Hoover Dam were impressed with its beauty and what they knew it would do for the legacy of the Southwest.

Some of the inscriptions have become rather famous. This is the 'Lonely lands made fruitful' The famous 'lonly lands' inscription at Hoover Damplaque. It speaks for itself.

Some of these things are really inspiring when we consider that this was done with the technology and skills of the early 20th century. The job was very difficult done in 120 summers and constant danger from the work and the environment.

What these plaques and dedications are trying to say is that all who were involved in creating and building Hoover Dam were also inspired, that they knew the full weight of what they were doing and the impact that Hoover Dam would have on the Southwest.

Hoover Dam will be here for centuries and these people realized how lucky they were to be able to work at such a project.

They rose to the occasion and produced not only a piece of technology, which what Hoover Dam is, but a piece of art also.

Hoover Dam was done in the Art-Deco style architecture and more than just functional, it's beautiful.


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