The Front of Hoover Dam  
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The Front Of Hoover Dam

    It is hard to show massive difference from the Lake Mead Side of Hoover Dam to the Colorado river side of the dam. This set of photos looks across and down the Colorado River side or front of Hoover Dam.
    Part of the 'effect' of being at Hoover Dam is the contrast in heights that one immediately Hoover Dam view from the Nevada side of the Colorado Riversees between the top of the dam and the Colorado River below.

    On the bottom left corner are the Arizona side power plants. 

    Just above that, near the center of the picture is the outlet point for the overflow tunnels.

    On the right, top part of the photo, is the edge of the Visitors Center.
    We get a feeling of how deep Black Canyon actually looks from the edge of Hoover Dam Looking down the front of Hoover Damwhen we look straight down at the power plants on the Nevada side.

    This view is straight down from the point at which the previous photo was taken.

    Some of the tiny white squares on the left, by the Colorado River are pickup trucks.

    The concrete fits perfectly against the rock walls of Black Canyon.
    The shadow is from the overhead pulley system which remains from when Hoover Dam was built and is now used to deliver replacement and other parts to the power plants below.

    In this photo we see the track of the pulley on the upper left corner of the picture. In this view from the Nevada Front view of Hoover Dam from the Nevada side side we see the power lines as they cross in front of our view of Hoover Dam.

    Because it is so big, it is impossible to get a good frontal shot of Hoover Dam from Hoover Dam. This situation will be remedied when the Hoover Dam Bypass Project is completed. The bridge that will cross the Colorado River will have a perfect view of Hoover Dam that you can only get from a helicopter now.

    Besides relieving the terrible traffic congestion that can occur at Hoover Dam, the Bypass Project will also give us one of the premier photo perches in North American and the Southwest. No doubt this will become one of the most famous places to have your photo taken. Perhaps newly weds from Las Vegas will want to have their photos taken here. In previous years we have rocked climbed in the area and this will one of the great photo opportunities.
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