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The First Major Drought Of The 21st Century In the Southwest

Besides flood control and power generation one of the more evident functions of Hoover Dam is its capacity in a reservoir system that has so far prevented the drought from laying waste to the agriculture business in the southwest. Further growth A view of the Hoover Dam in 2004 has also continued unabated and unaffected by the threat of drought.

Cities like Las Vegas are on a drought alert and have responded with watering restrictions and other measures such retrofitting municipal parks and anywhere possible with a Xeriscape Upgrade. Las Vegas is still a lush and green oasis city but they are using their water more wisely.

Cities throughout the Desert Southwest have adopted similar policies and are adapting to the new conditions.

To show how these changes have effected the immediate area of Hoover Dam we are able to draw on a resource of photos of Hoover Dam from 1) April and May 1999, 2) February 20, 2002 and 3) August 30 2004. Generally the photos used on this site for the Visitors Center are from February 2002, this includes the Inside Hoover Dam photos.

The photos that we tended to use for this photo essay were the ones which showed the most differences. Contrast is the theme of this portrayal, the contrast between the past and the changing and uncertain future. Hoover Dam with its mission makes that future much better and more predictable.

Photos Description
Lake Mead Side Bathtub Ring This page shows the Lake Mead side of Hoover Dam from almost exactly the same angle at the same time of day, five and a half years apart. The difference in water level at this point was 85 feet.
Intake Towers From Arizona Side Although taken at different angles each picture shows the difference in the water levels at the intake towers.
Spillways on the Arizona Side Here we give more dimension to the level of water drop by looking at the spillways that just 5 years ago had water running over them.
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