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Lake Mead's Bath Tub Ring

    Besides flood control and power generation one of the more evident functions of Hoover Dam is its capacity in a reservoir system that has so far prevented the drought from laying waste to the agriculture business in the southwest. Further growth has also continued unabated and unaffected by the threat of drought.

    Cities like Las Vegas are on a drought alert and have responded with watering restrictions and other measures such retrofitting municipal parks and anywhere possible with a Xeriscape Upgrade. Las Vegas is still a lush and green oasis city but they are using their water more wisely.

    Cities throughout the Desert Southwest have adopted similar policies and are adapting to the new conditions.

    IThe bathtub ring behind Hoover Damn these 2 pictures the effects of the drought are comparable.

    Both photos were taken at almost exactly the same angle. The top photo is current as of August 30, 2004. Both photos were taken with different cameras each with a different capability. They were taken from a slightly different angle also.

    However pains were taken to get the same elements in the current photo that were in the original picture
    The bottom photo was taken on April 3 1999Colorado River behind Hoover Dam Before drought. Some of the differences since that time are the travel buoys that now restrict access to the back of Hoover Dam. The point on the right of the photo near the center of the picture now is at the second line of buoys. We can infer also from the wake trail that the vessel seen in the photo came much closer than where the buoys are now.
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