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Photos of the Intake Towers Contrasting the Pre-Drought to the Drought Period
Ironically this drought is one of the best times to get photos of the intake towers at Hoover Dam. There were so many photos to choose from that we decided to show the intake towers from the Arizona side with the emphasis on showing the most difference between the pre-drought photos and the current photos.

In the earlier picture can still see trucks and long trailers. These are no longer allowed to cross Hoover Dam.

Besides the trucks, note the water flowing over the gates at the left lower center of this picture.

The area between the dam and the overflow tunnel on the Arizona side is covered in water when this photo was taken.

In the August 2004 photo you will see quite a contrast
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In this set of photos we see Hoover Dam on February 20, 2002. At that time we were invited by one of the managers at  to Hoover Dam to take photos on the 'Dam Tour'. The result is, in part, our popular 'Inside Hoover Dam' pages. At that time the Hoover Dam web site was offline due to court order and we were flattered to get the visitors who would have gone to the official web site. They have a great web site and they were just innocent collateral damage in something that really didn't involve information about the history and operation of Hoover Dam. 
 We also took dozens of other photos that day. The ones that are published here were previously NOT used because they were not up to the standards of  this web site. We consider these image to be as good as most on the web but flawed in some respects as to angle and sunrays in the picture.

That said, the photos do not match the angles shown in the first and last images but they do show the same areas. the picture immediately above, with that great little sunray ruining it, shows the Arizona side of Hoover Dam between the dam and the spillways. In relation to the first photo taken in 1999, this area is completely under water. In the last photo on this page, the place where the water is lapping in the 2002 picture is, believe it or not, that first bench or notch right below the highway immediately going towards the dam.
For this photo we tried to get as close to the same field of view as in the earlier photo as possible.

The area between  the overflow channels and the Arizona side intake towers is now a bare desert landscape as is the area between the intake towers on the Nevada side and the spillways on that side of the river.

The distance in water level between the picture on the top of the page, taken in 1999,  pictures is 85 feet.
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