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    The Hoover Dam is one of the most photographed and recognized places in the world. When you are at Hoover Dam it is almost impossible to get more than just a portion of the place into a single picture. One also notices that there many focal points which could not be seen in one photo anyway.

Overflow Tunnels - Arizona Side  
    One part of Hoover Dam which communicates the size of the place are the overflow tunnels. These pictures were taken in 1999 when Lake Mead was at a relatively high water level.

The Visitors Center - 'Bronze Turbine'
    In the Visitors Center there are dozens of exhibits which show how Hoover Dam Was built and how it works. There are also several art exhibits on display.

The Hoover Dam Intake Towers
The intake towers at Hoover Dam are also huge. There are two on each side of the dam, 2 in Arizona and 2 in Nevada.

The Front Of Hoover Dam
     It is hard to show massive difference from the Lake Mead Side of Hoover Dam to the Colorado river side of the dam. This set of photos looks across and down the Colorado River side or front of Hoover Dam.

Inscriptions And Dedications
    Hoover Dam is itself a monument and a dedication to the people who built it. To imagine that once there was absolutely nothing here is very difficult considering what is here now. There are no traces of the high scalers or any of the concrete processing plants and trucks in the area. What is left is Hoover Dam and these inscriptions.

Current Photos Of The Drought Effects At Hoover Dam
    Hoover Dam's purpose as an agent of flood control is always evident in the Lower Colorado by the fact that there are no longer any floods associated with overflow from the Colorado River. However only during times of drought does one of the more significant benefits of Hoover Dam come into play, that of water conservation. As you look at these photos to imagine the consequences had the water that WAS stored and used, NOT been there in the first place.
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