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Driving Directions From Las Vegas To Hoover Dam
The Hoover Dam is located approximately 35 miles east-southeast of Las Vegas. Since the Bypass Project was completed, all direct traffic to Arizona and roads east and south no longer route through Hoover Dam, This has reduced the huge traffic load crossing the dam and the amazing traffic jams.

However depending on the time of day you plan to go there, you should still plan on giving your journey a few extra minutes. The busiest times are fromMap of Southern Nevada around 10:00 am to about 3:00 pm. There always seems to be plenty of parking. To park in the covered garage, the charge is $2.00 per car (subject to change).

If you want to avoid the hassles of driving try a Hoover Dam City Deluxe Tour. Currently there is a 50% of promotion that gets you there for $35.00 per person and saves you the hassle of driving and parking. Hoover Dam Tours.

The easiest way to get there from Las Vegas is to get on US 93 going south. You can access this freeway from downtown Las Vegas at Las Vegas Blvd., 3 blocks south of Fremont Street. 

If you are on the Las Vegas Strip there are two ways to get to Hoover Dam, If you are on the north end of the Strip, get on I-15 heading north. Watch your signs as you pass Sahara Avenue because you will be turning right to US 93/95 when you get to the downtown area. This freeway interchange is known as the 'Spaghetti Bowl'. It is busy and you should prepare to look for your interchange. Look for 'Phoenix' and get on that one.

If you are on the south end of the Strip the best way to get to Hoover Dam get over to I-15 and head south. After you pass the Mandalay Bay look for the 215 and when you get there take it going south. The signage will say "Henderson" and "McCarran Airport"; when you see that, take the turnoff.

The freeway will take you out of the valley through Railroad Pass. After that you are almost in Boulder City. If you plan to stay a while at the Dam, Boulder City is a good place to pit stop.

Note that in Boulder City there will be two ways to get to the Dam. Follow the signs and take the first turn to Hoover Dam. Otherwise if you want to see historic Boulder City, take the other route through town. That route also takes you to Hoover Dam.
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