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The Hoover Bypass Project
 ... is designed to relieve the major traffic bottleneck which Hoover Dam has become. The highway which crosses over Hoover Dam, US 93, has been designated a North American Free Trade Agreement route. This region once again benefits from the exploitation of what has now become a natural resource.
Hoover Dam Aerial View
     Recently completed, the "Bypass" is a wonderful idea because it addresses several issues with one solution. The increased traffic from growth in the region makes having a bridge practical.

    The security issues are obvious. There would no longer be a need to drive through Hoover Dam if you are trying to go south on US 93. Trucks would not need to be checked at the Dam anymore except in extreme and unusual emergencies.

     The traffic congestion at the Dam will also be eliminated making it more convenient for visitors. The current number of trucks and cars crossing Hoover Dam is over 14,000, double from 15 years ago.

     The bridge will itself become an attraction. The two mega projects together side by side will be a contrast in styles from two different eras. The bridge wil become the place to see Hoover Dam from. Hoover Dam will become the place to see the bridge from.

    The final results of this project might be interesting and unforeseen. The slow and difficult road which crosses over Hoover Dam now is only a testament to Hoover Dam Bridgethe difficulty in building here in the first place. By making Mojave County Arizona more accessible to Las Vegans, they will travel there and through there more often.

    Ultimately, this part of Arizona will see increased and a faster pace in development. Towns will probably grow where none exist today. Around Las Vegas there are already two new, growing towns, Laughlin and Primm. It would not be out of order for property values to start rising in Northern Arizona because of the increased flow of traffic through and increasingly, to, this area.

    One of the unforeseen benefits of Hoover Dam, the huge popularity of Lake Mead, was probably never considered. The fact that there are nine to ten million visitors a year to Lake Mead would probably seem unbelievable even to Herbert Hoover back in the 1920's.

    The photo at the left is what it should look like when it is done in 2003. The simple elegance and hugeness of this bridge lets it fit into, rather than clash with its surroundings. 

The aerial photo and the computer rendition of the bridge was given to us through the Courtesy of The Hoover Bypass Project
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