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The parts of the Grand Canyon that most people visit are on the South Rim of the canyon. The most popular way to visit the South Rim is to drive there. But, for many years now, people have found this to be, depending on where they are coming from, a long, expensive journey with limited possibilities. This has spawned an industry, based almost entirely in Las Vegas, that flies or busses travelers on helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon. Seen from a helicopter, the Grand Canyon is an awesome spectacle. A helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon is probably one of the most memorable trips that even the most jaded traveler can take.

It doesn't take much imagination to recognize the photo opportunities and the life time memories that a helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon would produce. 

Not everything that happens in Vegas has to stay in Vegas. Treat yourself to a Grand Canyon helicopter tour and when you get back from Vegas, you will want to tell everyone about it.

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