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Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is located on the Gulf of Mexico just west of Panama City Florida. Panama City Beach is bordered on the east by St Andrews State Park, on the west by Point Washington State Forest, on the south and west by the Gulf of Mexico and on the east and north by West Bay. Panama City Beach has some of the best beach front in the world. Its unique beach has snow-white sand and emerald green water. Those who have not seen the place might think that the description "emerald green" is an exaggeration or a comparison but the water really is emerald green. The coast along the panhandle is often called the Emerald Coast. The water is also really warm for most of the year. The only downside to the Gulf Coast is that during the late spring and summer months the area has a high humidity and this holds true for the Panama City Beach area.

The economy of Panama City Beach is almost completely based on tourism and real estate. This has led to a boom in real estate prices and population. In 1970 Panama City Beach had a population of 67 people. By 1990 that number had increased to just over 4 thousand. Currently the population is over 12 thousand. This boom in population reflects the increasing popularity of the area with both students on spring break and tourists looking for mild weather and pristine beaches. Currently Panama City Beach receives over 6 million visitors a year. Panama City Beach appeals to a variety of visitors. For example the area is known as the "Wreck Capitol" of the South because there are a large number of historic ship wrecks in the area and this attracts scuba divers.

The main reason that Panama City Beach is so attractive to visitors are the beaches, places to go, and the weather. The area receives about 320 days of sunshine per year and has an average high of 74. Panama City is known to many as the "Sea Food Capital" of the world and has over 100 seafood and other types of restaurants. Visitors can also take a variety of off shore tours and eco tours. 

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