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The Pine Creek Trail is like a lot of the other trails at Red Rock, several trails in a box canyon. Most of these trails are centered around the stream that runs through the canyon in the springtime or when there are heavy rains. This stream is fed by the small springs that themselves feed on the rainwater and snow melt that is stored in the porous sandstone cliffs.

This idyllic canyon was originally settled by a homesteader named Horace Wilson in the early 1920's. He lived there for about 10 years before he finally moved to Las Vegas. Deep in the canyon the foundation to his home remains. There are other signs of habitation there, but nothing intrusive. 

This an enclave while large has a friendly feeling about because it is surrounded by these nice looking mountains on three sides and the foliage is rare and has a rare beauty. There are numerous rare plants normally found at other elevations, other places. 

The unique plants and animals found here and nowhere else have made this spot a National Wilderness Study Area. 

This trail intersects several other BLM trails: the Arnight Trail, the Fire Ecology Trail and Dale's Trail. It is described as approximately a 2.9 mile round trip. That would be to the Wilson homestead foundation. There are a lot of interesting paths all along the way when you get to the streambed area. 

Following some of these, and I recommend that you do, will make the journey longer. But that's discretionary and the whole point of this hike is to get to the Wilson homestead.
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